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TGV Lyria, your high speed travel

Travel to Switzerland with TGV Lyria! Whizz to over 30 destinations, including Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Basel. Enjoy high standard services on board the train, while respecting the environment: 1st class comfort, bar coach, choice of your seat.
For a trip at 300km/h*, travel with TGV Lyria from 29€ one way**.

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TGV Lyria train network

Travel between France and Switzerland with TGV Lyria. You can travel from Paris, Lyon and South-Eastern France to a range of Swiss cities, including Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchatel, Zurich.

A few tips to pay less


Your SNCF discount card entitles you to a 25% discount on TGV Lyria fares. From December the discount will apply on STANDARD and STANDARD 1ÈRE tickets, based on the leisure fare.


Whether you hold a SNCF or CFF/SBB season tickets the discount applies on your TGV Lyria tickets. From December, depending on your subscription your can use either on the STANDARD or BUSINESS 1ÈRE fares.


If you are 3 to 5 travelling together you can benefit from a reduced price, starting at 30€ per person(2)


When travelling between Paris and selected destinations with TGV Lyria and the CFF/SBB you get a 40% discount on the Swiss trip(3)

Fares for all your needs

Discover the various TGV Lyria fare options: browse prices and conditions for refunds and exchanges. Whatever your reason for travelling, TGV Lyria has the right price for you! You may book up to 4 months in advance, according to availability of seats.

Lyria flex fare : a fully flexible fare 

A ticket that offers ultimate peace of mind - it's 100% flexible and you have a guaranteed price.
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Semi-flex fare 

If you want more flexibility without compromising on price, this is the ticket for you.
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Non-flex fare

Want to travel as cheaply as possible? Take advantage of the best fares by booking your journey up to 4 months in advance.
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(1) Price starting from 29 €, valid for one person, for one way in the STANDARD class, on the Lyria TGV, on certain days and in certain trains, subject to the availability of seats at this rate. Non-exchangeable and non-refundable tickets.

(2) Offer is valid for a one way journey per adult, from 30€ in 2nd class, for journeys between Paris and Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchatel, Vallorbe or Zurich (and vice versa) ; between Lyon-Part-Dieu, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, and Geneva. Subject to availability of seats on board, at these prices. Offer guaranteed in certain TGV Lyria trains, for any group purchase of 3 to 5 persons, travelling together by order. Offer on sale from 04 March 2017 to 30 September 2017, for journeys between 4 March 2017 to 30 December 2017. These fares are available 100 days in advance. Tickets are non-exchangeable, non refundable. Mandatory online payment. Different ticket retrieval methods, based on the time between booking and travelling. This offer can not be combined with any other current promotion or reduced SNCF tarif

(3) Offer valid on an international journey with connection in Switzerland, giving you right to a reduction of 40% minimum on the price of the domestic SBB journey compared to the full SBB adult price. Offer available from 20 June, 2017 for trips from 20 June, 2017, departing from Paris to Vevey and Montreux, via Lausanne, to Lucerne, Biel, Interlaken Ost, Interlaken West, Bern, Zurich, Olten, Thun, Spiez, via Basel (in both directions of travel). Offer can be combined with other promotions in progress or reduced TGV Lyria rates, and SNCF and SBB subscriptions. Tickets are Exchangeable and refundable on the entire journey only. Tickets available in IATA (printable) versions only. Online pre-payment is mandatory.

Highest speed on some TGV Lyria trips

** TGV Lyria from 29€
Best price on most TGV Lyria routes, for a non flexible standard fare.

Credit : SNCF, Alex Profit