Privacy Policy protects your personal data

The protection of your privacy is an essential priority and we use your data to provide you with the products that you purchase on our sites. If this were not the case, it would be a pity that you couldn't travel… :)

In this regard, here are the eight principles that and all of its employees implement:

  • never collect or use data without a precise and legitimate purpose;
  • only collect data in one of the following contexts:
    • data necessary for the performance of contracts and for services that are requested,
    • express and specific consent from you,
    • duly-justified legitimate interest of the company;
  • collect and use only data that is strictly necessary for processing;
  • keep data only for a limited duration that is coherent with the services provided;
  • constantly ensure the quality and security of data;
  • only make transfers of data when this is necessary and in accordance with legal and security rules;
  • constantly provide you with clear and transparent information;
  • ensure respect for your rights and the conditions for exercising them.

The present confidentiality charter applies to all sites, mobile applications and services of