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Secure payment

The payment pages are 100% secure at uses high-performance SSL encryption technology to ensure all payment-related data is protected and to offer you maximum payment security.

With SSL encryption, keys are exchanged between your computer and our server. This exchange happens as soon as you access the payment pages.

Once in secure mode, any data exchanged is known only to your computer and our server. This interaction between your computer and our server guarantees that your whole website session is secure.

3D Secure

As part of its fraud protection procedures, uses 3D Secure payment.

3D Secure (also known as "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard SecureCode") is an authenticated payment system that offers added security for your online purchases. During payment, your bank checks the card holder's identity before validating the transaction.

Your bank offers this service free of charge for payments by CB, Visa and Mastercard. On our website, you will be offered a 3D Secure payment if you opt to receive your tickets electronically (e-ticket, Ticketless, Print@Home) or by home delivery.

The authentication process

Step 1: Book your ticket and enter your bank details.

Step 2: A webpage (managed by your bank) pops up to check the identity of the card holder.

Once you've validated your bank details, you will be redirected to your bank's website. 

A 3D Secure window appears and you are asked to follow an authentication procedure which differs for each bank.  You may be asked to:

  • enter your date of birth,
  • enter a code received by text message,
  • answer a personal question, etc.

When placing your order, check that you can receive 3DS authentication text messages (operator restriction, ordering from outside France, network coverage, etc.).

Stage 3: Complete and validate your order.

Following your bank's confirmation, your payment is validated and your transaction completed.

Your booking confirmation will be sent by email.

Please contact your bank if you have any questions about 3D Secure (registration, loss, modification, etc.) or the authentication process.


Having problems making an online payment? See all information

Are you logged in to your Customer Account when booking the tickets? You can activate/deactivate 3D Secure.

Find out more about your Customer Account


American Express SafeKey offers you a new secure payment. Pay with your American Express card: SafeKey.
This service is available on our website, when you book a train ticket, pay with your American Express card. Choose to receive your tickets in electronic format (e-ticket, Ticketless, Print@Home) or by post.


The authentication procedure

Step 1: Reserve your ticket and enter your card details.
Step 2: A page managed by American Express will appear to verify the card holder’s identity.
In the window that appears, you must enter the code received by email or SMS.
Ensure that you are able to receive the authentication SMS or email when placing your order. (Operator restrictions, oversees transactions, network coverage...).
Have you changed your telephone number?
To update your mobile number or email address, visit the client area of your American Express account.

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