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What we call “Sales opening” is quite simply the moment from which you can reserve tickets for a given period of time.

We invite you to consult the following table which will indicate, according to the type of carrier, when the sales opening will occur:

Ouverture des ventes, transporteur par transporteur

 Careful : certain works can affect sales openings! Please refer to our Works & Disruptions page.

Concerning return tickets, the sales opening is staggered between the outbound and return journeys. To reserve a return ticket, you must therefore wait for the sales opening of the return journey! If not, opt for a separate purchase: first the outbound journey, then the return once it becomes available.

Do you wish to plan for your journey even though the tickets are not yet available?

If the tickets are not yet available for the dates of your journey by TGV, you may be able to get an estimated price for it by consulting our page, When to get the best prices?

We will show you in advance the best pricing terms and conditions for your journey.

Subscribe to the Reservation Alert to stay up-to-date about the sales opening for your journey and to benefit from the best prices!

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