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You may exchange your train ticket if the exchange conditions of your fare allow it.

Exchange your ticket: 
  • On our site’s Home page, click on "My bookings"
  • Make sure you enter your [6-digit alphanumerical] booking reference.
  • Select 'Exchange' and follow the steps.

What if you have an E-ticket?

A exchange quote will be displayed together with any penalties.

On validation, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided during exchange.

After completing your ticket exchange online, you will be redirected to our search page to select your next journey.

A summary of your exchange will be displayed with the amount you will be credited or debited.

On validation, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided for your exchange.

You will be refunded within 48 hours to the account linked to the card used for online payment, or at the end of the month if your card is associated with a deferred debit account.

What if you don’t have an E-ticket?

You have 2 choices:
  • You have made an initial booking less than or to the value of €200

After exchanging your ticket online on “My Bookings”, send your refund request (within 60 days) via our contact form 
Specify your request by selecting “Train Journey” then “Follow-up Request”. Lastly, fill in the following information in the “My Message ” section: 
  1. Your surname and first names
  2. Your contact details
  3. The reason for your request 

To complete your request, attach a photo of the ticket you wish to exchange. The ticket should be cut in two as seen in the example below.  All important details must be visible in order to proceed with the refund.

Compulsory fields (highlighted in red):
  • Full name
  • Train number
  • Conditions for ticket exchange and cancellation
  • File number
  • DV number
  • Price

Example of attached file 

NB: Sending by post is also possible for bookings under €200. If you wish, send your tickets to the address shown below after carrying out your exchange online.

  • You have a booking in excess of €200

After exchanging your ticket online on “ My Bookings”, send your refund request (within 60 days) via our contact form: – Customer service
Carrer Fluvia 65 METROVACESA PARC 22@
EDIFICIO B PB recepción

Include the following supporting documents with your request :
  1. The original travel cards (please be aware no copies will be accepted!)
  2. The reason for your request with your surname, first name and contact details.

NB: Be sure to return your tickets via a secure courier to avoid loss in transit.

Good to know : You can exchange and request refunds for your tickets at French stationsor at our Self-service kiosks in France and Luxembourg. 

MAJ le December 26, 2017 à 12:05 PM

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