Travel with Eurostar and enjoy a high-speed journey to London!

Experience all that London has to offer with Eurostar arriving in only 2 hours and 17 minutes from Paris. From Camden Town to Big Ben via Notting Hill, travel in the comfort of Eurostar and (re)discover the English capital!


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Please arrive at the very latest 30 minutes before the departure of your Eurostar (or 10 minutes if travelling in Business Premier)

Just 3 steps to prepare your Eurostar journey and you’re off!

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  • Register

    Confirm your registration via the confirmation email

  • Board

    Enjoy your Eurostar journey

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With Eurostar, you can carry any luggage (bag or suitcase) which does not exceed 85 cm in length. Please ensure your bag can be carried and can safely be stored on the luggage rack.

Set off for London with Eurostar

  • Online registration

    Are you going to London with Eurostar? Do not forget to check in online before boarding.

  • Wifi on board

    Enjoy free wifi on all Eurostar trains and all travel classes.

  • Luggage on board

    One of the advantages of a Eurostar trip is that there is no weight restriction for your luggage.

  • A comfortable trip

    Spacious seats, electrical outlets, all the comfort you need for a peaceful trip.

Customer information

10 reviews

3.9 / 5
  • Comfort
  • Cleanliness
  • Services on board
  • Punctuality
  • the outbound train seat arrangement for my family is not comfortable.
  • Seating not designed for large people over 6 feet tall. The man opposite me went off to find another seat.
  • air conditioning working only randomly (and when working, too cold...)
  • Please reduce the air conditionning to the minimum level.Everybody in thé train sas freezing and caughing.Bad way to start a city trip when you re sick. Please note this was at the go only. Return was fine with acceptable A/c lever.
  • Sometimes late
  • Long waiting lines in the Resto wagon.
  • How full the train was
  • I had very noisy and drunk people next to me in the carriage. They used their mobile phone through the voyage and did not understand it is polite to leave the carriage when calling or receiving calls.
  • Silence, speed and comfort.
  • Satisfied

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